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if you are a security company and are unable to provide a security service due to overstretched resources, we are always able to provide security staff to work for you and assist your security needs.
We are happy to step in at short notice to fulfill your client’s needs whether you need a single security guard for one evening event or over 10 security guards around the clock for a number of months, we will be able to accommodate your team. ​
We are very flexible, you will find that our service fits seamlessly into yours, we can either work under our name/license or we can work under your name/license. All security officer’s that we will be available for your sites will be Texas DPS-PSB licensed for the appropriate job and will have the relevant insurance cover and experience. ​
Subcontracting security services with us gives you the flexibility of not having to advertise, recruit, and employ staff temporarily. Your client’s company will be under our security insurance coverage if needed. ​

Feel free to get in touch at info@ufsecure.com to see how we can help.